john daniels, jr.
Ralph Roister Doister
by Nicholas Udall adapted by I. E. Clark
directed by john daniels, jr.
Friday, June 6
Saturday, June 7
7:30 p.m.
Cash at the door, no reservations needed.

“Roister Doister is none but a scoundrel, a fool, and a lout!”  Joyously the “Not-Just-One-More-Time-Players” bring his story to the stage in the daniels & Son Theatre Company’s production of Nicholas Udall’s, Ralph Roister Doister, adapted for the modern stage by Schulenburg’s I. E. Clark. 

This high energy, snappy paced, physical comedy, written in 1563, was the first play written in the English language.   Not to worry, the cadre of calamitous comedians under the field direction of theatrical commando john daniels, jr. blow the dust off the pages, take a defibrillator to its heart and push it through the automatic car wash. 

“What’s not to like about a love story between neighbors, neighbors who don’t really know each other?  Neighbors who don’t even like each other and the ‘friend for hire’ that makes it all impossible,” says daniels pulling his sunglasses down the bridge of his nose and cutting his eyes back and forth in a paranoid fashion.  The director continues in a whisper, “Not to mention rebellious servants, gung-ho servants, apathetic servants, egotistical servants and lascivious servants.” 

The Not-Just-One-More-Time-Players are Matt Torrez, Michael McGary, Megan Mossman, Caitlyn Goodwin, Shelby Jones, Amanda Wallace, Virginia Haladyna, and Kody Dyer.

40 minutes
Produced by special arrangement with I. E. Clark Publishing

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